Can her dad put me on child support and take my daughter?

child_support_personQ) My daughter is 3 and i’ve been supporting her alone since she was born her dad has bought pampers and wipes here and there but hardly enough to say he truly supports her. When i decided to look into placing him on child support i was told a few things:
1) if i dont put him on child support he can put me on it and take my daughter
2) that if i put him on child support i would have to let her do over night visits with him(which isn’t a huge issue but i still wanna know about that)
3) that because I’m currently not working and had to move back in with my mom (we do have a stable) he would be able to take her because he has his own place. but he does not have a legit job he gets paid under the table, but he does have his own 2 bedroom home.
4) I’ve been told that because he has 2 other kids and one more on the way that the judges wouldn’t allow him to take my daughter.
so with that being said im asking:can he really put me on child support and take her if i dont put him on child support, and 2)can he really get custody of her if i file for child support and am not working and staying with my mother, even if the living arrangement is stable and more than meets out needs?3) whats the likely hood the would award him overnight visits? and lastly 4) does him having other kids (one that does stay with him)does that really make him in-eligible to take full custody of my daughter? thanks in advance for your help and answers

A) Please contact your local child support enforcement office and speak with a counselor (or get legal counsel) regarding your child support needs. Each state establish and enforce child support orders differently depending on the circumstances and uniqueness of the case. The questions that you have asked need to be answered by a local child support counselor at you local child support office or legal counsel.

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