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Child Support office State programs assists custodial parents by establishing parentage and orders for child and medical support, locating noncustodial parents and their property, enforcing child and medical support orders, and modifying support orders as appropriate. In some states Non-custodial parents enrolled in an insurance plan at work may be required to include the child under this coverage while those not covered by any insurance plan may be required to obtain medical coverage, if available at a reasonable cost. Child support Programs provide assistance which helps to ensure that parents fulfill their mutual obligation to financially support and provide health care for their children.

Steps In Establishing Child SupportChild Support

  1. Open a child support case

  2. Locate the noncustodial parent

  3. Establish paternity

  4. File a child support support order

  5. Set-up child support payment

  6. Enforce the order

  7. Review the order

Child support assistance/enforcement may be provided by private attorneys, legal clinics, family law facilitators’ offices or child support enforcement programs which are available in all states, often as a component of the district attorney’s office. Child support office services helps children receive the financial support necessary for their growth and development. Included are services for people who want to locate an absent parent; establish paternity; establish a child support order; request that the non-custodial parent provide health insurance for a child in conjunction with a child support order; change the amount of a child support award; dispute a child support award; or enforce payment of child support monies in cases where the supporting parent is delinquent in paying or refuses to pay or make health insurance arrangements altogether. Child support is money paid by one parent to another for the maintenance, including the education, of their children following the dissolution of their marriage or other relationship.



Child support office agencies provide the following services:

  • locate noncustodial parents

  • establish paternity

  • establish and enforce support orders

  • modify orders when appropriate

  • collect and pay child support payments

Child Support programs promote parent accountability and self sufficiency while reducing the public’s responsibility for providing financial and medical support to children. These child support social services are available to all parents who need them.   

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238 Responses to Tell Us Your Experience At Your Local Child Support Office

  1. Monroe child support office is a joke. They let the non compliance letters sit until a parent calls wanting to know what we are gonna do about getting payments. Then they say he bas made a payment within 30 days we cant take him back to court….really. in my case he has never made a full months payment never! He pays when he wants to. Quit his job works under the table and I have given them all this info. They send non compliance letters to my house. Where he doesnt reside. That office the door is forever rotating. You get one case worker and before you know it it is someone else. They don’t help at all in helping these parents get child support. Its almost like they help the other parent to get away.

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Wife is working, when we filed our taxes, the whole refund was taken.

Q) My current wife is working and when we filed our taxes, the whole refund was taken. A) If a couple filed a joint return and only one of them is liable for child support payments, in non-community property states the other spouse can file an amended return to receive his or her share of the tax refund. The person who is not responsible… Continue Reading

Hi, Im pregnant and would like to contact the suspected Father of my child in regards to the Child Support

Q) Hi, Im pregnant and would like to contact the suspected Father of my child in regards to the Child Support process and where he would begin. He did mention a couple of months ago that he was willing to pay child support but nothing else. I want to establish Paternity first and foremost. However… Continue Reading

I’m getting a divorce, my spouse wants me to pay child support to her.

Q) I’m getting a divorce and my spouse wants me to pay child support directly to her. Can I insist on paying through the child support office? A) A noncustodial parent can apply for child support services if the case is not being enforced through the child support program, unless the support order requires you to pay her directly. Since January 1994, support orders… Continue Reading

Is it possible to collect the support payments from personal property?

Q) Is it possible to collect the support payments from personal property? A) Under some state laws, the enforcement official can issue an order to withhold and deliver. The order is sent to the person, company, or institution that is holding property belonging to the debtor, such as a bank account, investments, or personal property. The holder of the property must deliver it either… Continue Reading

I have been paying my arrears and they say i haven’t. I have receipts where i did. They threaten to kill my license

Q) No one knows anythig in carrolton. I have been paying my arrears and they say i haven’t. I have receipts where i did. They threaten to kill my license for being back three months. I wish to have a court appearance to prove i have. Can you help me please. C*********** 7** 4**0 9***. Thanks… Continue Reading

My daughter’s father just died. His older daughter is taking care of his will..

Q) My daughter’s father just died. We requested a 100,000 life insurance policy during the divorce proceedings. His older daughter is taking care of his will, she is the executive in charge. She isn’t telling me anything. What should I do? A) It is recommend that you get legal counsel and representation as soon as possible. Continue Reading

Not fair that state enforce my child support, what about me seeing kids

Q) I’m the noncustodial parent. I love my kids. I pay my child support. About half the time when I go to pick them up for my weekend, my ex-wife has made other plans for them. It’s not fair that the state will enforce my child support obligation but not do anything about my right to see my kids. A) Many state or local governments… Continue Reading

Can my attorney work on my case while I am receiving services

Q) Why can’t my attorney work on my child support problem while I am receiving services from the child support program? A) Your attorney can work with the child support program. For best results, the attorney and staff in the child support agency should coordinate their efforts to prevent duplication of services and conflicting enforcement decisions. Continue Reading

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