Child support put hold on my checks, said I must come in to the office. I live an hour away and can’t miss work.

Q) The courts gave me custody of my 2 great grandchildren. Child support has put a hold on my checks because I have not complied with them but when I call to find out what I need to do they say I must come in to the office. I live an hour away and work Monday thru Friday, I can not afford to miss work is there no other way to settle this?

A) If Child Support Services has placed a hold on your payments, it is important that you follow up with them and comply with their requirements to have the hold removed. If you are unable to go to their office in person, you could try calling and explaining your situation to see if there is an alternative way to comply. You could also see if they offer any online or mail-in options to provide the necessary information. It’s important to act promptly to avoid any further delays or penalties.

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