Child’s father said his federal tax refund was taken for child support.

child_support_personQ) My child’s father told me weeks ago that his federal tax refund was taken for child support. When will I get the money?

A) It usually takes three to five weeks from the time the money is offset from the obligor’s tax refund until the state receives it. The Department of the Treasury has encouraged states to hold collections from joint tax returns for up to six months in case the obligor’s spouse who does not owe child support files for his or her share of the refund. The Office of Child Support Enforcement and Treasury Department will work together to provide information to the states if the spouse has filed a claim for his or her part of the refund and has received the money. States will be able to distribute the offset to the family when they receive that information. When a family receives or used to receive TANF benefits, states have the option to keep federal tax refunds to repay the benefits. Check with your child support agency to see if the money has been collected and, if so, when you can expect to receive it.

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