I am the absent parent my ex has custody of our children , I was granted visitation with our children however they have moved and I don’t know how to reach our children. So my question is if I write the children can the office of Attorney General forward my letter to my children/ my ex who has custody. And if so , what do I need to do to get my letter to OOAG (OFFICE OF ATTORNEY GENERAL)

A) I understand your situation and desire to connect with your children. Unfortunately, the Office of Attorney General (OOAG) cannot forward your letter to your children or ex directly. Their roles typically involve enforcing child support orders and locating absent parents for child support purposes, not facilitating communication between parents and children.

However, there are other options you can explore to reach your children, depending on your specific situation:

1. Use court-ordered methods: If your visitation agreement stipulates a specific way to communicate with your children, such as through a communication app or website, use that method. Violating the court order could have legal consequences.

2. Contact your ex: Try reaching out to your ex directly to arrange a way to talk to your children. This might be difficult, but open and honest communication could lead to a solution.

3. Mediation or co-parenting programs: Consider involving a mediator or enrolling in co-parenting programs to establish a safe and neutral space for communication and potentially rebuild a relationship with your children.

4. Legal counsel: Consulting with a family law attorney familiar with your state’s laws can provide specific guidance on your rights and options regarding communication with your children.

5. Social services: In some cases, if there are concerns about your ex’s parenting or your children’s well-being, you might be able to involve child protective services. However, this should be considered a last resort as it often involves legal intervention and potential disruption to your children’s lives.

Remember, the most important thing is to act in the best interests of your children. Choose the options that are most likely to foster a positive and healthy relationship with them.

Here are some additional resources that might be helpful:

I hope this information helps you find a way to connect with your children.

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