I have a child support continuance My brother has hemorrhaged and is in ICU Ina coma, I cant leave him.

Q) I have a child support continuance I am to go to on Wed. My brother has hemorrhaged and is in ICU Ina coma. I am afraid to leave him because we don’t know if he will live. How do I let court know?

A) You will need to postpone your court date. There are reasons you might want or need to postpone, or obtain a continuance for, a civil court date. If you cannot physically be present for your court date, there are two avenues to pursue to postpone the date: by obtaining permission from the court; or by agreeing to postponement with the opposing counsel. If you can be present in court but are not prepared for your case, you can appear in person on the day of the court date and ask the judge for more time. Due to differing state laws and local rules, it is always best to consult with an experienced lawyer before proceeding. If you do not have an attorney to direct you as to the right course of action, consult the steps below.
Source – https://www.wikihow.com/Postpone-a-Court-Date

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