My experience at Jackson MS Child Support office – karen

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): karen
Your Experience: I have been owed support since 1987. Every few years I try to get my money but it’s useless.  There are court orders in place,  the father has worked the entire time but every time his job gets served a withholding order he simply finds another job and CSI enforcement does NOTHING to follow up.  He has lived in the same county,  same state,  same occupation the whole time and knows CSI enforcement  is a JOKE!  It’s a complete waste of time.  In the past 10 years they’ve only recovered $966. $900 of which wasn’t sent to me but they can’t figure out what happened and blame the eppicard people.  I got $66 a few years ago then nothing.  And I expect that’s how it will always be…. I do all the work to find his employer and get the info to CAll and they do NOTHING.  So what’s the point?  My kids are almost 30 and still no one does ANYTHING!!!!!  SSDD!!!!

Your Child Support Office City: Jackson
Your Child Support Office State: MS
Your Wait Time: 20 years

Time: March 30, 2015 at 2:01 pm

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