My husband has been paying child support on a daughter that is not his

child_support_personQ) My husband has been paying back child support on a daughter that is not his and been paying child support on his youngest daughter. These payments come out of his check every week. Now On are credit report it states that he is still paying x amount when He is way below the amount on the credit history. How does this get fixed? or how can i fix it

A) To correct the information on your credit report, you will need to contact the credit reporting agencies directly. You can do this online, by phone, or by mail. When you contact them, you will need to provide proof that your husband is no longer paying the amount listed on your credit report. This could be in the form of bank statements or other documents showing the payments that have been made.

Once you have provided the necessary documentation, the credit reporting agency will investigate the dispute and make any necessary corrections to your credit report. It is important to note that this process can take some time, so it may be several weeks or even months before the changes are reflected on your credit report.

It may also be helpful to contact the agency that is collecting the child support payments to ensure that they have updated their records and are no longer deducting more money than is owed. If they continue to deduct too much, you may need to seek legal advice or file a complaint with your state’s child support enforcement agency.

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