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Social Security and Child Support

The Social Security Act provides that one-third of any child support received from an absent parent be excluded from countable income. The remaining child support reduces the monthly SSI benefit on a dollar-for-dollar basis, after considering any other applicable exclusions. An SSI child receiving child support is always better off financially than if he or she is not receiving support.One-third of child support received in-kind from the absent parent is also excluded. Box 1 shows how child support affects the SSI benefit for a child with no other income. Although the preferred evidence for verifying child support is court or other official records, the signed allegation of the custodial parent is often used to verify the amount and frequency of child support.

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  1. I can’t find anywhere to report unfit conditions for 4 children. I’m a landlord and the family at 523 N Kelkar Holdenville OK has a meth using husband in and out jail. The premises are so filthy insurance agent dropped coverage because they wouldn’t clean up. I’m the landlord and had a inspection for court proceedings. It’s not sanitary. A newly remodeled house is destroyed, signs of drug use on the counter. If there’s anything that can be done thank you.

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