My experience at Huntingdon TN Child Support office – Barbara

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Barbara Milhorn

Your Experience: I have been trying to get the NCP into court for 10 years! He owes as of today 27,916.40. I got him into court Finally in 2013 after I contacted the Mayor and The DA. they just now in DEC 2015 decided to issue papers to have him serve 90 days inn Jail. So the support office says. They county he lives in informed me they havent recieved anything. The NCP by the way has livd at the same address for 33 years NEVER moved!!!!! When will anything be done????

Your Child Support Office City: Huntingdon

Your Child Support Office State: TN

Your Wait Time: 10 years

Time: January 5, 2016 at 11:42 am

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