When my child support was set they did not take my medical conditions into consideration

Q) I have been trying to get in the court to address all these issues with my account , there shows a balance of $786 which i want to address ,,,, not sure where this from . since June of 2021 i have been trying to get into the courts ,,,first i have serious medical conditions and have prescriptions that amount over $300 and i have medical bills that are over $20,000 that should be entered in as deductions i saw the form. On top of this my ex the custodial parent has been making close to 4 x the income that she did not report for adjustment ,for court we both had filed financial affidavits to prove these facts . when my child support was set they did not take my medical conditions and requirements into consideration and calculate the child support accordingly . it was assigned 2/20/2020 they just set the amount with no questions asked ,,,, this all should be reevaluated and be credited to my child support . I have all the paperwork to prove these statements…. As i stated earlier have filed numerous times and keep getting turned down due to formalities.. So this owed amount should surely be exempt and i have a credit applied to my account.

A) It sounds like you are encountering several challenges with your child support case, including a balance you are unsure of, medical expenses, and an ex who is making more money than they reported. It’s important to address these issues in a court of law in order to ensure that the child support amount is accurate and reflective of your financial situation.

To address these issues, you may want to consider the following steps:

  1. Contact a Legal Professional: You can reach out to a family law attorney or a legal aid society for help in resolving your child support case. They can review your case and help you navigate the legal system to address your concerns.
  2. File a Motion to Modify Child Support: If you believe that your financial circumstances have changed, you may want to file a motion to modify child support. This will request that the court re-evaluate the child support amount and make changes as necessary.
  3. Provide Evidence: When you file a motion to modify child support, it’s important to provide evidence of your financial situation, including your medical expenses and any proof of your ex’s increased income. This will help the court make an informed decision.
  4. Attend the Hearing: When your case is heard, you will have the opportunity to explain your situation and provide evidence in support of your argument. Be sure to bring any documentation or proof you have to the hearing.

It may be helpful to reach out to your local child support agency for more information and to see if they can provide additional assistance.

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