I can’t find my child and the custodial parent. What can I do?

child_support_personQ) I can’t find my child and the custodial parent. What can I do?

A) One of the services of the child support program is helping to locate children in parental kidnapping cases. Federal law allows the use of the Federal Parent Locator Service (FPLS) in parental kidnapping or child custody cases (including cases in which the custodial parent has hidden the child in violation of a visitation order) if: 1) a civil action to make or enforce a custody order has been filed in the state courts; or 2) a criminal custodial interference case is being investigated or prosecuted. Requests for information from the FPLS in custody and parental kidnapping cases must come from a state child support agency. See state and tribal child support agency contact information. States may collect a fee from people using the service to cover processing costs.

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