Father does not get to visit child, pays $500 for child support, lost license home and family due to mother moving away.

Q) Child lives with mother and father was granted visitation rights. Mother refuses to pick up phone calls or answer any text messages that attempt the father to schedule visits. Father starts paying child support on time to show that he’s willing to help but starts to fall behind because even with attempting to file contempt of court he still has not seen his child in over 3 years because of mother’s selfishness. Child support payments are ridiculously high ( $500) for one child, the father doesn’t get to visit or spend time with. Father had a fulltime job but he’s lost his license, home and family due to the mother running off with child to a different county, filed injunctions & divorce papers. Please advise.

A) I’m sorry to hear about the difficult situation you’re facing. It sounds like you’re dealing with a complex family law matter that requires the help of an experienced attorney.

First, you may want to consult with a family law attorney to review your court orders and determine your legal options. They can advise you on what steps you can take to enforce your visitation rights and modify the child support order.

If the mother is violating the court order by not allowing you to exercise your visitation rights, you can file a motion for contempt of court. The court can enforce its orders by imposing penalties such as fines, community service, or even jail time.

Regarding child support payments, you may be able to request a modification of the support order based on a change in circumstances, such as the loss of your job or the inability to exercise your visitation rights. This could potentially lower your child support obligation to a more manageable amount.

Overall, it’s important to take action to protect your legal rights and your relationship with your child. A family law attorney can guide you through the process and provide the necessary support and resources.

Child support orders can be modified on a temporary or permanent basis. If the non-custodial parent loses a job or develops a temporary medical condition that affects earnings ability, support may be temporarily lowered. If this adult incurs a disability or is forced to take a lesser-paying job, a permanent adjustment may be in order.

A child support attorney can help a non-custodial parent determine whether the child support figure is too high. If it is, the attorney will build and present a case to lower this ongoing financial obligation on a temporary or permanent basis as warranted by filing their petition to modify child support. The non-custodial parent will pay a fair amount to support the child but no more than is necessary. https://www.familylawrights.net/blog/are-you-paying-too-much-child-

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