How do I get child support payments from the state though the mother not paying?

Q) How do I go about receiving child support payments from the state every month even though the mother is not paying she is court ordered $214.00 a month and I just had a baby girl last week and really need the child support payments to help provide for my 9 year old son witch I have full custody of and he lives with me and the mother is currently in rehab

A) If the mother is not paying child support you will not be able to get child support payments from the state. The Child Support Enforcement Act of 1984 allows district attorneys to help you collect court-ordered child support from a parent who refuses to pay. Typically, the district attorney serves the child’s parent with papers, telling them to meet with the district attorney in order to set up a payment arrangement. The papers also warn that if the person fails to follow those instructions, jail time could be imposed. This can sometimes be counter-productive, since that parent can’t earn money while in jail. For this reason, jail time is usually used as a last resort. Instead, the district attorney can impose other consequences for failure to pay child support..

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