Husband pays child support..received letter stating judgement satisfied .. Now a new total owed..

Q) My husband pays child support and although he received a letter stating that his judgement of arrears has been satisfied, there is now a new total of an additional $807 now on his account labeled as arrears. when we call to find out where this came from the operators all state they cant tell him. not only this, but my tax return was garnished even though his arrears were paid. they took 2 times the amount that his arrears were for in the first place and none of that money has even been accounted for as of yet. This all seems very wrong and when you call to speak to someone or go to the office in person not only do they treat him as if he is some deadbeat father but they refuse to answer any questions or give him more than 5 minutes of their time.

A) The first thing you should do is get a printout of your child support records – either by calling your county child support agency or printing it online. It should reflect all payments and monies intercepted for the payment of child support and the related fees. Make sure there was not some sort of support ordered that you were not aware of or that there was not an error in the paperwork or order.

Once you can verify the payments you have made and that you are current, you should request your refund in writing to the agency, send it to them, and then call to verify receipt. Make a log of your contacts to the agency, including who you spoke with and what you were told during the conversation.

If you get no response or refund, then you should consider hiring an attorney. The agency may be more cooperative when dealing with counsel rather than an individual payor.

If you are entitled to the refund and they continue to delay or deny the refund, the attorney could then file a motion in the circuit court.

Suggest that you seek advice from an attorney in your jurisdiction. Source:

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