I have 3 grandbabies, dad hasn’t paid child support in the 5 years

Q) I have 3 grandbabies my FA was stopped due to CS order and dad hasn’t paid child support in the 5 years we’ve had them and still out running around and moms paid nothing in over a year.. is anything going to be done

A) It sounds like you have a difficult situation with regards to child support for your grandchildren. If the father of the children has not been paying child support for the past 5 years and the mother has not paid in over a year, it is likely that the child support order needs to be enforced. In such cases, the state agency that handles child support enforcement can take legal action against the non-paying parent to enforce the child support order and get the funds that are owed to you and the children. It is also important to reach out and report the non-payment to the appropriate authorities.

It is also possible to talk to a lawyer who can provide you with information on what options you have and help you take the necessary steps to enforce the child support order. If you are receiving Family Assistance and it was stopped due to the non-payment of child support, it may be worth discussing with the agency to see if there are any other benefits or programs you may be eligible for.

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