My ex-husband employer haven’t been sending in my child support. What do I do?

Q) My ex-husband employer haven’t been sending in my child support but they were taking it out of my check. What do I do?

A) You should start by contacting your state’s child support enforcement agency to report the issue. They can work with your ex-husband’s employer to try to resolve the situation and get your child support payments back on track. You should also gather any documentation you have that shows the child support was taken out of your check, such as pay stubs or bank statements, as well as any communication you’ve had with your ex-husband or his employer about the issue. The child support enforcement agency may also be able to help you with any legal options you may have to recover any missed payments.

A good suggestion would be to have your ex-husband verify on his pay-stub that his child support payments are being withdrawn from his pay. He could then ask his employer why his child support payment are not being sent to the child support agency. If there is a problem, then ask that the problem be fixed. He may also consider bringing his pay-stub to the child support office and show that his child support payment is being withdrawn from his pay. If it is recognized that the company may be willfully not sending in his child support payment he may consider getting legal counsel and representation to fix the problem.

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