Need modification for custodial parent through the courts to obtain child

child_support_personQ) My son’s father won custodial parenting due to losing a relocation on my behalf. I have since returned to same state and my son is now living with me again but father says he will not change the custodial parent or pay any child support for his son. He has since taken a quit one job taken another job driving over the road and has not helped support his son by any means…has had one overnight visit and one 30 min. visit in the last 4 months of which was upon his dad’s girl friend’s idea and insistence. Has not helped with school supplies, school uniforms, absolutely nothing. Do I need modification for custodial parent through the courts to obtain child support order or modification of? How do I do this I tried to go through legal services but when the x husbands name comes up in the screening, I am told there is a conflict and they can not help me. I am struggling to keep a roof over our heads and utilities I can not afford an attorney and the father refuses to give any assistance and threatens to take child away if I try…father is an alcoholic and my son says he will run away before returning to his father.

A) Recommend getting some legal aid counsel and support in assisting you on making change to modification for custodial parent in order to get child support order. Due to you being told by your local child support office “there is a conflict”

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