We were separate but been back together, I made call to close my child support case

Q) Me and wife were separate but been back together for a long time but u guy did not listen to the call I made to local office to close the case we file out income tax mind u this after we went court and told the judge and ur attorney we were back together u held my income I have call went fill out the paper to have my money released to they would a week it been over two week I want to know were my money is that u had no right taking to start with we did what we were asked to do to close back July not our fault the money get paid to me any way so the hold needs to be remove and my money need to be sent out it has. Been long enough for u to see we are together she has been on my food stamps long enough it is time for me to recertify please get this fix now with no more hold.

A) I don’t have access to individual case information or the authority to release any hold on child support payments. It’s best to contact your local child support office and provide them with the necessary information to investigate your case and release any hold on your payments. You can also ask them for an estimated timeline on when you can expect to receive your payment.

According to Patricia Christine Van Haren – Family Law Attorney, you would need to file a Request for Dismissal of the child support action. Both parties would sign that the child support matter is to be dismissed. If the case is being handled through Child Support Services, they would need to be served with the Request for Dismissal as well. https://www.avvo.com/legal-answers/if-father-and-mother-get-back-together—how-do-we-475724.html

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