My Child support payments went to the wrong person.

child_support_personQ) For more than 10 years now, my employer has been sending my garnished child support payment to the OCSE promptly. Two years ago, OCSE Ithaca paid part of my child support payments to the wrong person. This lasted for a long time until I discovered the error. And even then, OCSE Ithaca told me that unless they were able to recover the wrongfully paid out sums, they could not reimburse me! It took about two months for them to resolve the matter and credit me with the sums wrongfully paid to another person. Now as I write this, because of an alleged difference of $155.07 between what my employers should have sent OCSE and what they actually sent over the last six months, OCSE sent garnishment orders to both my employers and the Social Security Administration (SSA Roslindale Field Office) to withold my social security payments. Since I have sent in a check for $155.07 that has now been credited to the account of the custodial parent of my daughter, I am asking: (1) that an order be sent forthwith to SSA Roslindale Field Office cancelling the IWO sent to them and (2) that an explanation be given to me why a garnishment order to was sent to TWO parties, my employers and the SSA? Is this not a case of extraordianry administrative sloppiness on the part of OCSE Ithaca for which I have had to expend a lot in terms of time and bother? Biodun J*******

A) It is unfortunate that your local OCSE made such an error in administrating your child support payments. I suggest that a written letter of your request be made to your local OCSE Ithaca office.

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