Your office got my income tax refund of $1192 for back child support.

child_support_personQ) I received a letter from you I don’t understand. Your office got my income tax refund of $1192 for back child support. The $1556.88 has since been removed. The letter Cade ID # Ain0393208 states I owed $176.88 and sent Morgan a check for $105.45. This comes out of my check every week, so I don’t understand where the 176 comes from or why Morgan got mailed a check, this is taking the money out of me twice. Where is the $1015.12. I deperately need this money to make my car safe so I can continue to work.
Joey Ai********

A) I’m sorry to hear that your income tax refund was withheld for back child support. The Child Support Enforcement Agency has the authority to intercept federal and state tax refunds to collect unpaid child support. If you owe child support arrears, the agency can take various actions to collect the past-due amount, including garnishing wages, intercepting tax refunds, and placing liens on property.

If you have concerns about the amount that was withheld or how the funds were applied to your child support arrears, you should contact your local child support agency for further information and assistance. They can provide you with specific details about your case and help you understand the process for resolving any disputes or issues related to the interception of your tax refund.

Please contact your local child support office as soon as possible and report this problem.


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