When will I start receiving child support after getting off cash assistance?

child_support_personQ) if I receive cash assistance for my kids instead of child support but the father is making payments but the state is collecting it when will I start receiving child support payments if I get off of cash assistance?

A) If you are receiving cash assistance for your children through a government program, such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), the state may be collecting child support payments on your behalf in order to reimburse itself for the assistance provided.

Once you are no longer receiving cash assistance, any child support payments collected by the state should be sent to you directly, minus any fees or amounts owed for past assistance.

However, the exact timing of when you will start receiving child support payments after getting off cash assistance can vary depending on the specific policies and procedures of your state’s child support agency. It is best to contact your local child support office to inquire about the specific details of your case.

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