how to get the suspension on my driver license lifted

Q) I been paying my child support and would like to how to get the suspension on my driver license lifted?

A) If you are in the state of Maryland this is how you can get the suspension of your driver’s license lifted. Similar process may apply with other states.

If you want to have your suspension lifted, you must contact your child support agency, not the MVA, and arrange to pay your child support. When you come into full compliance, the CSEA will notify the MVA to lift your suspension. This usually takes a few days, after which you may apply for a new, unrestricted driver’s license.
When you come into partial compliance, your driver’s license suspension will be lifted when you take your Work-Restricted Driver’s License Authorization letter to the MVA and obtain a work-restricted driver’s license. Be sure that your new license has an H in the Restriction field and the words “Employment Purposes Only-CSE” printed at the bottom, in red.

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