I am being wrongfully charged. my ex-wife lied and she’s getting more of my income than I am

Q) I am being wrongfully charged. I was getting ssi and my sons received a check also, but my exwife lied and she’s getting more of my income than I am. I can’t afford my own houseing. I have to live with relatives! Please help me!

A) If you feel your ex-wife has lied about her income in order to get more child support income you should look at filing for a modification of your child support order. It’s best to seek legal representation in this situation. You need to prove that she lied about her income. If you have copies of her pay stubs that will make a great case for you. An attorney can argue your case before a judge. The judge needs to see the documentation you have to prove your case. If you try and file through CSE your information can get lost and tons will slip through the craps. Try hiring an attorney to assist you.

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