I gained custody over 2 years ago, he is still collecting child support for both..

Q) I am raising my 2 children, teenagers, after gaining custody back after my EX beat and strangled my eldest. He keeps a crooked attorney on speed-dial and while I gained custody over 2 years ago, he is still collecting child support for both as well as an extra $ amount on a false order his attorney drew up and somehow got entered without a hearing. He lost custody of both children.
I filled out the paperwork with the child support office way over a year ago, and was told that they couldn’t stop the support payments and a hearing will be scheduled but it will take a very long time. I am still waiting.
Meanwhile my children and I are struggling because he is taking about 40% of my paychecks.
I cannot afford to get an attorney due to this and I am in great need of the child support office helping in this. So far nothing has been done, and it just isn’t right.
He needs to be liable and payback all he has stolen from us, as well as be liable for their college and their medical insurance.

A) There are legal aid offices in many US cities. Legal aid agencies are non-profit organizations that provide free legal services to people below a certain income level. Before you can get help from a legal aid agency, you usually have to qualify for their help based on your low income. Because there are so many people in need of legal help, your income has to be fairly low to qualify.

Also, legal aid agencies cannot help with all types of cases. Legal aid agencies usually help with domestic violence cases, family law, evictions, public benefits, immigration, employment issues, and other types of cases that can cause serious problems in a person’s every day life. They will probably not be able to help you if you want to sue someone because of a car accident for example (unless you are filing in small claims court, since some legal aid programs do help with small claims cases).

But if you need a lawyer and cannot afford one, it is always a good idea to try to get help from a legal aid agency in your area. Just do not be discouraged if they cannot help you. https://www.courts.ca.gov/selfhelp-lowcosthelp.htm?rdeLocaleAttr=en

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