I have paying custody support, they have taken money from my social security and now threatens my church

Q) I have paying my custody support on a monthly basis except for an October, 2022, because my check had been misdirected and misused. Fortunately, my credit union caught the mistake and did not process it. However, custody support has taken money from my social security and now threatens my church. Why? There is no reason for this action and actually puts me in a position and make it even more difficult to pay the custody support.

A) It is likely that the custodial parent or the agency responsible for enforcing child support has taken this action because they did not receive the payment in October and are trying to collect the missed payment. They may also have taken this action because of a history of missed payments or a court order allowing them to do so.

It’s important to contact the agency or the court to try to resolve this issue as soon as possible and to provide any evidence of the misdirected payment, such as documentation from the credit union. If you are unable to pay the support due to financial hardship, it may be possible to request a modification of the support order.

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