My daughter’s ex husband has not been paying child support the way he should.

Q) My daughter live in Imperial MO, her ex husband moved to MO a year ago and lives in St.Louis. The divorce happened in the state of Washington. He has not been paying child support the way he should, a little here a little there, meaning a $50,a $25,a$ 16. He owes over $11000 now. What can my daughter do to get the full child support from him? Doe she need to hire a lawyer?

A) You daughter may need to hire a lawyer. The Child Support Enforcement Act of 1984 allows district attorneys to help you collect court-ordered child support from a parent who refuses to pay. Typically, the district attorney serves the child’s parent with papers, telling them to meet with the district attorney in order to set up a payment arrangement. The papers also warn that if the person fails to follow those instructions, jail time could be imposed. This can sometimes be counter-productive, since that parent can’t earn money while in jail. For this reason, jail time is usually used as a last resort. Instead, the district attorney can impose other consequences for failure to pay child support, including:

Withholding federal tax refunds and using these funds to pay child support;
Garnishing wages;
Seizing property;
Suspending an occupational license;
Suspending a business license; and/or
Revoking the delinquent payer’s driver’s license.
Furthermore, the U.S. Department of State can even deny issuance of a passport to someone who owes more than $2,500 in child support. source

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