I’m getting a divorce, my spouse wants me to pay child support to her.

child_support_personQ) I’m getting a divorce and my spouse wants me to pay child support directly to her. Can I insist on paying through the child support office?

A) A noncustodial parent can apply for child support services if the case is not being enforced through the child support program, unless the support order requires you to pay her directly. Since January 1994, support orders must include a provision for income withholding unless both parents and the courts agree on another payment method. If your order does not call for income withholding, you can request this service. If you do, you will have a record that you have made payments as required. If you are self-employed, you may be able to arrange for an automatic transfer of funds to the child support agency through electronic funds transfer (EFT). Either parent can apply for child support services, which include collecting and distributing payments.

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