How am I paying child support for my child mother has refuse me to see?

child_support_personQ) I am currently paying child support for my eldest daughter Skye ************** an I what im wanting to know is how am I paying child support for my child that her mother has refuse me for several years to see my child. I asked for a paternity test do to the fact its a possibility she can be for the guy she was with at the time she was conceived. I was cursed out an told i will never see her again an that’s exactly what happen I would like to know how do I go about getting a paternity test to know the truth thanks.

A) You can request a court hearing to establish paternity by court order.

Paternity can be established at a court or administrative hearing or by default if the man was served notice of a paternity hearing but did not appear. Once paternity is established legally, a child gains legal rights and privileges. Among these may be rights to inheritance, rights to the father’s medical and life insurance benefits, and rights to social security and possibly veterans’ benefits.

In addition to providing a basis for child support, paternity establishment can provide basic emotional, social, and economic ties between a father and his child. There are strong indications that children whose fathers take active roles in their upbringing lead more successful lives.


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