My son is currently living with me I am paying child support. I am sick of paying.

Q) Son has been living with me since December of 2016 an is currently living with me I am paying child support an it’s going to his grand mother I am sick of paying while I take care of him she is getting money while he lives with me this is fraud immediate action needs to happen I go to jail for not paying I want her locked up now or all child support an arrears canceled enough is enough

A) It is important that you seek legal advice to properly address this issue. You may need to file a motion to modify the child support order and present evidence that your son has been living with you since December of 2016. You may also need to provide evidence that the child support payments are not being used for the benefit of your son. A family law attorney can help you through this process and provide you with guidance on the proper steps to take.

Again it best that you immediately seek and acquire legal assistance to fix this problem. According to Attorney Roy L. Reeves – “File a Motion to Modify ASAP. There is an order right now that says you pay child support. Technically, even if the child comes live with you, that Order is still in full force and effect. Many people swap custody and just deal with it themselves with no problems but when this happens and it blows up (and it does) I assure you, the cost of fixing this is very high. DO NOT SIMPLY IGNORE THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM THINKING A JUDGE WILL FIX IT LATER!”


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